If you’re planning to buy a new luxury watch, then the Rolex Rama 9 (rolex พระราม 9, which is the term in Thai) should be your first choice. This exquisite watch is a remarkable creation that delicately blends Rolex’s unparalleled quality with an up-to-date design. Continue reading to learn why Rama 9 deserves a spot in your collection.

Striking Design

The Rama 9 is an eye-catcher with its unique design. The 41mm oyster case boasts an eye-catching green dial with 18kt yellow gold hour markers and hands. This dashing colorway is inspired by the gorgeous greenery of Bangkok’s Rama 9 Park, thereby lending the watch an indisputably royal feel.

Nevertheless, the Rama 9 has more than just a pleasant appearance. The fluted bezel, a symbol of Rolex’s unparalleled attention to detail, is made from 18kt yellow gold. Every flute is carefully designed to create a unique light play with the spinning of the bezel. These little details, such as the unique triple-lock system in the winding crown, prove Rolex’s legendary dedication to functionality too.

Best-In-Class Movement

Behind this horological genius is a self-winding perpetual Calibre 3235 movement developed by Rolex. Highly accurate and reliable, with a 70-hour power reserve and advanced antimagnetic shielding, are the benchmarks of this model. It is among the most technologically advanced and refined movements that are available currently.

On the watch itself, the mechanism is visible via an exhibition-style sapphire crystal case back. It is an additional aesthetic amusement for the watch lover to look at the beautiful workmanship of the movement.

Instant Collectability

As if the Rama 9’s mesmerizing design and world-class movement weren’t enough, the watch also has immense appeal as an instant collectible. It was launched in 2020, and there were only 8,888 copies made, since in Thai culture this is the luckiest number.

Limited Rolex editions are considered one of the greatest treasures among watch collectors, as their rarity grows as well. The Rama 9 has won hearts with its distinctive Thai-inspired look and the combination of precious metal accents with a breathtakingly green color. It is the eureka of Rolex collectors and fans alike.

To conclude, the Rolex Rama 9 is a watch that stands the test of time. Its unique design looks back at Thailand in artwork style, while the first-class movements and the luxury materials saved up the Rolex name for quality. If you’re looking for the perfect convergence of style, craftsmanship and wearability in a watch, then the Rama 9 has to be your number-one choice.