When it comes to satisfying your frappe cravings, the convenience of using premixes is unmatched. Elevate your frappe game with these unique recipes that turn simple frappe premixes into delightful and flavorful beverages. From classic Vanilla Delight to the exotic Masala Badam and the rich Chocolate Delight, you can make anything and everything with the classic Frappe Premixes from GOOD&MOORE

Unique Recipes to Try with Frappe Premixes

#1 – Vanilla Delight Frappe

The Vanilla Delight Frappe Mix serves as a beverage option for your needs. The best thing is that the recipe is quite simple with GOOD&MOORE Vanilla Delight Frappe Premix. All you have to do is take a few scoops of the Premix and mix it in the Milk. After that, just shake everything, and you will get the flavourful Vanilla Frappe for your rescue. 

You can add espresso shots or just use the chocolate syrup to decorate your glass and make it even better. 

#2 – Masala Badam Frappe

For those seeking a unique flavour experience, the Masala Badam Frappe Mix brings an exotic touch to your frappe game. Blend the mix with ice and your preferred type of Milk. We prefer regular buffalo milk, or you can even use vegan options like Almond Milk and Soy Milk.

You just have to add a little bit of cocoa powder or use the Saffron strands to make this drink taste better. 

#3 – Coffee Delight Frappe

The Classic Coffee Delight frappe will make your day as it will give you the hint of caffeine that you want. With this delicious Frappe Premix from GOOD&MOORE, you will be able to enjoy every sip with perfection. Just take two scoops of this Premix, add it to the Milk of your choice, and mix it well. Once done, pour it into a stylish glass, decorate it with the chocolate syrup, and get the best coffee frappe to start your day. 

Final Words

Frappe is a part of everyone’s life as we often drink coffee. With the numerous variations made to this unique Frappe recipe, you can enjoy the flavours at your helm. The GOOD&MOORE Frappe Premixes are made to satisfy your taste buds and will help you have the best experience while sipping them. In this post, we tried our best to share detailed information about the various recipes that you can make with these frappe premixes. If you have some unique ideas or some questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.