Songkran, usually referred to as the Thai New Year, is an annual holiday that takes place from April 13 to 15. The event is well-known for its boisterous celebrations, which include parades and water battles. The people’s brilliant and colourful clothing is one of the festival’s most distinguishing features.

To know some necessary fashion tips for Songkran day, keep reading.

Traditional Thai Fashion

Thai traditional clothing is one of the most widely used styles of Songkran day fashion (แฟชั่น สงกรานต์, which is a term in Thai) . This contains the Chut Thai, Thailand’s national costume. A long skirt plus a blouse or jacket makes up the stunning and detailed Chut Thai outfit.

The typical Thai costume for males comprises a long-sleeved shirt and cotton or silk-made trousers. The trousers are loose-fitting and comfy, while the shirt is frequently vividly coloured and patterned.

Floral Patterns

Popular choices for Songkran day attire include floral designs. This is due to the fact that the celebration takes place at the beginning of the spring season, the Thai New Year. Flowers are the ideal choice for this time of year since they represent new beginnings and growth.

Water-Friendly Clothes

It’s crucial to wear an outfit that is water-friendly because Songkran is famous for its water fights. To do this, pick materials that dry rapidly and won’t get bulky while wet. Nylon and polyester synthetic textiles, as well as lightweight cotton, are both suitable options.


The use of accessories is crucial for Songkran day fashion. Oxidised bracelets and necklaces, which are common in traditional Thai jewellery, can give your ensemble a sophisticated touch. You can wear flowers as a corsage or in your hair, such as orchids and jasmine.

Sunglasses are another essential Songkran accessory. These will shield your eyes from the sun and prevent them from water during the water fights.


When it comes to clothing, it’s crucial to choose comfortable, water-friendly footwear. Popular footwear options include flip-flops and sandals because they are simple to put on and take off and won’t get too heavy when wet.

Moreover, it’s a good idea to wear shoes with high traction because the water battles may cause the streets to become sticky.


Songkran day fashion is all about embracing the cheerful atmosphere of the celebration. The goal is to pick bold and colourful colours that express the excitement and celebration of the event, whether you choose traditional Thai attire, floral motifs, or textiles that are kind to the environment.

Planning your Songkran day clothing should also take into account accessories, footwear, and sun protection. You’ll be sure to look and feel your best throughout this lively and thrilling festival if you keep these suggestions in mind.